The Pre-Fantasy

in Uncategorized, September 27, 2020

This is the fantasy life that you have before you arrive to your new country.  It’s the imaginative world that you create for yourself that lets you think about how your new life will be. 

I was 34, I had three young children, on the brink of moving to Germany and I had some certain ideas about how life would look that just seem funny now. 

  1. I would instantly become 10 pounds thinner. There was no plan for this, it was just to happen because, hey…Europe.
  2. My wardrobe would be, again, instantly, designer.  
  3. I would exclusively shop at farmer’s markets in the city and buy only exotic, locally grown produce.

Here’s what really happened.  

That insane part of my brain that thought it was going to become Euro model thin let me eat all the bread and drink all the beer during our first six months.  I finally did drop ten pounds but that was after I had to drop five new ones and I worked out with a trainer and trained for multiple long distance runs.  No easy way out for me.

My wardrobe added a lot more Zara.  Which is fine.  

My first few times trying to buy veggies at the quaint, lovely markets in town were subject to my shaky grasp of both the German language and the metric system and, at various times, resulted in me having 6 pounds of strawberries and about 4 ounces of cheese.  Not instant success stories.  

The moral of the story is old.  Wherever you go, there you are.